A Pain in the Backside

I commenced my training programme today, in a bid to prepare myself for the marathon. This consisted of jogging for half an hour, with walk breaks in between. This also became the day where I realised how unfit I am.

I came back home and did my stretches..and I’m still in pain. I know is to be expected, though what’s worse is that I’ve potentially developed some lower back pain. This is not good, as it indicates that I’m weak.

I thought about my training programme again, as I know that I still need to do it. But I now needed to change it to incorporate a form of strengthening. Having previously done weights on a regular basis, I realised that I needed to incorporate this again into the programme. I also decided to train via endurance exercises at home, and see if I can do both.

For now however I shall rest for the day and get some much needed sleep. I bid you…goodnight!


I’m Listening

Having worked in the stroke wards for 6 months, this was the week where we moved onto our next rotation in the training programme. As of now, I’m working in community psychiatry, a somewhat different specialty!

Over the past few days, we’ve been having induction. This mainly consists of lectures, IT training and something called ‘Breakaway Training’ i.e) how to safely defend yourself, when confronted with a patient who poses a threat.


I’m afraid we’re not working in psychiatry of this nature, but I do love Frasier -‘I’m Listening’

I met the other 15 or so doctors who also joined, mainly consisting of GP trainees and new psychiatry trainees. They all seemed friendly and approachable, all with varied experience. In my mind, I was trying to categorise where they came from and what their backgrounds were, just out of pure curiosity. It turned out that I was one of two people from the group, who hadn’t done a training programme prior to GP (or was married!). Coincidentally, that made me the youngest of the newbies (which I hope is a good thing!).

By incorporating all of the above, I found that the trainees had almost formed their own social groups (I mean, how many can you form in a group of 15?!). However, they were able to do this by relating to their backgrounds-previous training programmes, previous career options,  marriage, kids, not wanting kids. I heard someone say ‘we didn’t know whether we wanted a dog or a child first..so we went for the dog!’ Talk then switched onto psychiatry, in particular from a psychiatry trainee.

I suppose the whole time through these conversations I thought to myself, why is it that we always talk about the same thing? It’s either about work or about life’s expectations we’re supposed to conform to (dare I say so myself…the wishes of my mother, who wants me to ‘settle down’, like others she knows). Maybe I am inexperienced in these things still, but at the same time I wonder…why the same chit chat? Was it because we’re all new to eachother? Was it because of such similarities in the older trainees, it was all that was spoken about? Or was it because there isn’t anything else to talk about?