A Pain in the Backside

I commenced my training programme today, in a bid to prepare myself for the marathon. This consisted of jogging for half an hour, with walk breaks in between. This also became the day where I realised how unfit I am.

I came back home and did my stretches..and I’m still in pain. I know is to be expected, though what’s worse is that I’ve potentially developed some lower back pain. This is not good, as it indicates that I’m weak.

I thought about my training programme again, as I know that I still need to do it. But I now needed to change it to incorporate a form of strengthening. Having previously done weights on a regular basis, I realised that I needed to incorporate this again into the programme. I also decided to train via endurance exercises at home, and see if I can do both.

For now however I shall rest for the day and get some much needed sleep. I bid you…goodnight!

Song of the Month

I came up with an idea of how to better stick to my posts, even when I’m busy. I decided that once a month, I will post a song which has caught my ears most and which I’d like to relate to. This is a song which I will post on the ‘fifth’ of the month. No real reason why the 5th to be honest, just a number I think I’ll remember best!

This is a song by Jose Gonzalez. Whenever I listen to this song, I am reminded that life is too short, and we should always remember to be free and learn to let go…

I hope you enjoy my song of the month 🙂



Everybody’s on the Run

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last blogged..how terrible!

Having sat the first GP exam, which was the next item on my checklist…I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling both exhausted and lazy over the past few days. Though I really don’t know how I did, I’m trying to keep the faith and focus on the next tasks I want to achieve.  I’ve also added another thing to my list…I want to run a marathon.

I’m always inspired when live marathons are run on TV, for example the London Marathon and the Great North Run. I thought, why don’t I have a go? I wanted to run a 10K marathon last year, to raise money for the city homeless shelter. Unfortunately I couldn’t apply due to the difficult A&E rota I was in. I don’t have any excuses not to have a go this year and decided to run the same marathon this summer. It’s for a good cause and I was inspired to do this following my previous encounter with a homeless gentleman. Wish me luck!

Life is a Highway

Today was a rather big day for me. Most people experience this day when they’re teenagers. I however had it today…I bought a car!

Having finally passed my driving test, we decided to head down to dealerships, in search of a ‘good, first car’. This was a big experience for me, because I had never bought anything like this before. I didn’t know the correct questions to ask or the best specifications to look into. Luckily, however, my boyfriend was there to help me with these. Going through the paperwork also felt like a nightmare. I completely felt out of my comfort zone with all the information they were giving me, there was just so much I didn’t know.

I even did a test drive. I’ll admit, this was something I didn’t even think about. I was a nervous wreck at first, as there were three other people with me (my boyfriend, the sales consultant and a junior salesman shadowing on his first day!). Except for my driving instructor, I had never driven anybody else in a car before, not even my boyfriend…and now there were 3 of them!


The famous test drive scene in True Lies..yes I’m a huge True Lies fan.

Today was a rather bittersweet moment for me. I grew up with my parents saying the classic thing… 

‘First study, then get a good job, then get a car, find a nice man and get married, and have children’. 

Having taken heed of this typical stepwise motion of life events, it felt like I completed another ‘life event’, and that was a little scary to me. I’m already a little apprehensive at the thought of driving out there on my own, but I know I’ll have to get used to it. I realised I probably won’t get the odd uber taxi so much anymore, and I even missed that a little bit..weird maybe? I suppose the most important thing to do in life is drive…


Maui and me 🙂

Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

I feel like over the past few months, I’ve been surrounded by all-things Entrepreneur. Yes, this includes Youtube videos! I personally don’t describe myself as one, well at least not yet. I was introduced to this youtube clip about how to become an entrepreneur, from a wantrepreneur. The first time I watched it, it blew my mind. I mean, who wants to live by ‘What Ifs?’ for the rest of your life? By far, one of my favourite videos from Alex Ikonn.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


But probably not in the same way you’re thinking. I went back to London on Wednesday, where my family is and where I grew up. I hadn’t seen them in almost three months (which for me is a long time). When I travel abroad, I don’t usually go away for longer than a month, so this was definitely the longest I had been from home.

Because of work and other commitments I was trying to fulfill, I kept postponing my trip back to London. It however came to a point, that the only way to go home was to literally force myself to.  I forced myself to request some leave from my supervisor ,and to pack a suitcase the night before. As I had been in Leeds for much longer this time, my feelings were fluctuating worse so. A part of me wasn’t excited to be back at home and I wasn’t particularly keen on leaving. I was missing the people here terribly. It got so bad that as soon as I arrived in London, I wanted to leave again. Everything was looking so alien to me (the day I arrived in London was the day of the terrible terrorist attacks at Westminster) and it felt like for the first time, I didn’t come to the right place.

I knew that eventually these feelings would go away and I’d be ok again. They did and I was. I spent most of the day studying (maybe subconsciously, to feel like I was in Leeds again), and in the evening I’d go out-for example, the cinema with my cousins watching Beauty and the Beast(!) or dinner for Mother’s day. Things felt normal again.

When I travel back and forth, I always get mixed feelings about the opposite location (which I have actually blogged about in the past). As I type this post heading back to Leeds on the train, I listen to one of my favourite Sinhalese singers Pandit Amaradeva, but I know he’s songs aren’t ones I’d typically listen to in Leeds, because I associate them with London and family.  I know these are feelings I’ll have to overcome and get used to. I believe that where I am now is propelling me forward. I just have to keep going, and keep telling myself…

Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts-Oliver Wendall Holmes

A Sprinkle of Marigolds

A small, simple post! I recently watched ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’, and I wanted to share some of my favourite quotes from it 🙂

Evelyn: Nothing here has worked out quite as I expected.  Muriel: Most things don’t. But sometimes what happens instead is the good stuff.

Evelyn: The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment.

Sonny: Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it is not the end.