Life is a Highway

Today was a rather big day for me. Most people experience this day when they’re teenagers. I however had it today…I bought a car!

Having finally passed my driving test, we decided to head down to dealerships, in search of a ‘good, first car’. This was a big experience for me, because I had never bought anything like this before. I didn’t know the correct questions to ask or the best specifications to look into. Luckily, however, my boyfriend was there to help me with these. Going through the paperwork also felt like a nightmare. I completely felt out of my comfort zone with all the information they were giving me, there was just so much I didn’t know.

I even did a test drive. I’ll admit, this was something I didn’t even think about. I was a nervous wreck at first, as there were three other people with me (my boyfriend, the sales consultant and a junior salesman shadowing on his first day!). Except for my driving instructor, I had never driven anybody else in a car before, not even my boyfriend…and now there were 3 of them!


The famous test drive scene in True Lies..yes I’m a huge True Lies fan.

Today was a rather bittersweet moment for me. I grew up with my parents saying the classic thing… 

‘First study, then get a good job, then get a car, find a nice man and get married, and have children’. 

Having taken heed of this typical stepwise motion of life events, it felt like I completed another ‘life event’, and that was a little scary to me. I’m already a little apprehensive at the thought of driving out there on my own, but I know I’ll have to get used to it. I realised I probably won’t get the odd uber taxi so much anymore, and I even missed that a little bit..weird maybe? I suppose the most important thing to do in life is drive…


Maui and me 🙂