The Edutainer

This maybe my first time uploading a post, in tribute of somebody I admire. I recently found out that one of my heroes passed away. His name was Hans Rosling, and he was a Swedish doctor, statistician and public speaker in international health. He was also the chairman of Gapminder and did several TED talks.

One of my favourite TED talks from Hans Rosling, the ‘Edutainer’

I first came across Dr Rosling whilst studying public health at university. I found his presentations mindblowing, and this was most probably where my interest in public health first developed. Just over a year ago, I decided to make the bold step of trying to get in touch with him. I managed to get in touch with his assistant at Gapminder (which for me was a massive breakthrough!), but despite this I couldn’t reach him. He was naturally busy and on his travels, and I was just about to start my A&E job.

I can’t help but think to myself that I missed a golden opportunity. I regret not trying harder, sending more emails, maybe writing letters etc. I’ll never get to hear his comical lectures again, and there’s no chance now that I’ll meet him, that makes me sad. All I can do is learn from all this. Life’s too short, and I’ll never miss an opportunity like this again.


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