Express Yourself

I officially started working in community psychiatry this week. It’s VERY different from any ward I’ve ever worked in, because you’re basically your own boss. You review the patients that are allocated to you-and that’s it! You choose when you want to run your own clinic to see them, and plan your own home visits-there’s no fixed times!

I share a nice large office with one of the senior psychiatrists. I thought about making my area a little bit homely.


I always stick a little post-it note just in front of me, with my personalised list of important numbers. So far it only has the IT number! Do you like the background picture I chose? I like clouds! 


Now compare this photo to the one above-unfortunately THIS is what my computer looks like. The first photo shows just an enlarged picture of what I wanted displayed as my desktop background.

Yes, whilst I tried to personalise my work station a little bit, I found that the system actually wouldn’t let me change my desktop background, it was forbidden! I’ve had to shade bits in white in the second picture for confidentiality reasons, but it’s not exactly pretty still.

It made me realise that there’s a limitation in how people are allowed to express themselves, or just be themselves, especially while they’re at work. For one reason or another, they’re expected to conform to the look of the job. This probably doesn’t apply to a lot of organisations, but regardless it happens. I don’t think there’s any harm in expressing yourself, be at work or elsewhere-because it’s just who you are. As Gandhi states:-

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality”.


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