Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I came across an article in The Guardian yesterday, about a really sweet love story between an elderly homeless man and a lady. She gave him wrapped sandwiches to keep him alive, and now they are getting married. How they came together is remarkable 🙂

After reading this story, I was reminded of an incident with a homeless man a few months ago. My boyfriend and I were walking down the high street after a meal out, where we came across a homeless man on the floor. I didn’t give him any money, but as I continued to walk ahead, I heard him say:

‘Thank you for your time’.

We were still walking ahead for at least a minute, whilst the whole time I thought to myself…How could he possibly thank me? I didn’t give him anything. I felt a pain in my heart and I told my boyfriend that we had to go back. We retraced our steps and found this stranger, chatted a bit (in particular, telling him to keep himself warm), gave him some loose change and left again. From then on, I’d decided to look twice at the people sleeping rough.

One of the things we want to do is open a community centre for homeless people. For so many reasons, people end up living on the streets, but nobody should be. They are probably more deserving than a lot of people we come across, who complain and are unappreciative of the things they have. These people are just sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away.

I thought it would be useful to end today’s post with a hard hitting music video from Five Finger Death Punch. I won’t tell you anything more about it, except that I cry EVERYTIME I watch it. 


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