An inspiration

It’s a funny thing when you’re not busy at your job. Your mind is at rest, it’s free for ideas and it’s open to inspiration. This is what I want for life!

I spent the majority of my week off seeking this inspiration. I have been reading a book by Tracey Kidder called Mountains beyond mountains. It’s a biography about a doctor who has a vision:to solve global health problems-my natural interest!

From Harvard he goes to Haiti, curing infectious diseases in the poor communities. This is where I am up to so far in the book, but from here he makes his way to Peru, Cuba and Russia.

This paragraph caught my eye: 

Yes I could have typed out this paragraph, but I thought it would be more real to have a photograph instead, taken by my phone!

It’s an excerpt of what the famous physician Virchow once said, and I tried to incorporate this into what I want to achieve. I want to be a “natural attorney” of the poor. That’s my inspiration. What’s yours?


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