Call of duty 

As I head back to London for my week off, I reflect on last weeks events. It’s been a weird, “set back” week, as I like to call it, where things haven’t turned out quite as I planned or hoped. Last week when I went back to Leeds, I was working on my laptop. Now going back to London again, I am unable to complete my work. My laptop was stolen in the robbery, and I’ve fallen behind.

On Saturday, we decided to head into town and invest in a couple of laptops. As soon as we parked the car in the mall car park, we came out of the car to hear people screaming ahead of us. From a distance I could see a tall looking guy looking down, and it looked like he was stamping hard on the ground. This happened in front of mothercare, and my heart feared the worst. I thought he was beating up a child.

We ran straight to the scene…my boyfriend way ahead of me. I was fearful as we approached, as we had no idea what was happening. All we could see was a gathering of people in front of the store, looking horrified. We got to the scene to find a teenager lying on the floor, unconscious, with his face covered in blood.

We approached him whilst the crowd watched us. I stabilised him whilst my boyfriend spoke to the paramedic down a passerby’s phone, who made the phone call before we arrived at the scene. More people were joining the crowd, who were almost telling us off-

“Do you know basic life support?”

“Don’t you have to put him in the recovery position?”.

It was quite obvious that they didn’t believe that we were doctors, we both spent 6 months in A&E and we knew what we were doing. My boyfriend had to intervene-

“Look, we’re both doctors, I’m on the phone with the paramedics, please give us some space”.

Then they finally listened to us and backed away. We stabilised this teenager and though confused, he slowly gained consciousness. He reeked of alcohol and had a head injury, we knew he needed a CT scan. The paramedics came who took over, followed by the police. We left the scene at the appropriate time and continued on.

Why did I tell you about this? Was it to add onto the misery of our week? Well that’s one reason. I like to blog about the good and the bad, and I find it helpful to just be open about life’s ups and downs. However the main reason why I wrote about this, was to reflect on how proud I was of my boyfriend. Not just because of how we stabilised this teenager as a team (anyone with ABCDE training could do this), not just how he addressed the crowd in a calm manner…but how he approached the scene in the first place. He ran at full speed and looked fearless. I, on the other hand, was afraid of what was ahead of me, and yes I was afraid that he was going to approach the attacker. I asked him if he was scared, to which he said no, he wasn’t, and I believe him. I hadn’t seen such bravery of this nature and I was so proud to be with him. This was our call of duty, and we could hold our heads up high together.


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