Uganda Healthcare Expedition Part II

Since my last blog post, I have been in touch with various medical store companies who sell colposcopes and cryotherapy units. This was harder than I thought, as the stores I was recommended to try were either only liscenced to sell their products for UK use only, or just didn’t have the equipment. I did get in touch with one company which does look promising. They sell equipment for use abroad and I informed them of my plans. Fingers crossed I expect to hear from them early next week. Hopefully with some quotations in the purse, I will organise charitable fundraising for the equipment through:

-gynaecology clinics at the hospital here

-medical students (while they get to learn about women’s global health issues).

I have also been in regular correspondence with a gynaecology registrar at the hospital, who has put together a staff training course, as a way to improve the care of patients in low resource settings. If this gets the approval from the authorities, I will relay this course to Bwindi for their consideration. If the hospital agree with our proposal, we aim to get our two routes of support as mentioned above on board, in addition to matched funding in running the course.

A few days ago I got in touch with my first ever supervisor, the man who basically gave me my first job as a medic…I call him Dr Z. I have asked him for his help and guidance in organising a prevalence study on type 2 diabetes and hypertension in the Bwindi community. It appears that the disease pattern there is changing in the direction of non communicable diseases, so by identifying associated factors, we can enhance their community health programme.

Until next time folks…