How do you define old age?

Yesterday my consultant decided to take us out for drinks after work, our first social gathering two months into this job. I’m not usually the type of person who attends every work-related social event. Not only do I like to keep my personal life separate from my job, but I choose not to maintain false pretenses with people who I genuinely think are unfriendly and nasty. I can also get somewhat insecure and uncomfortable when being my ‘normal crazy self’, in front of the people I work with.  However on this occasion, I had no real reason not to attend. Everyone in my team is lovely and I didn’t really have any other plans.

We took a 5 minute walk to a pub my work friends suggested..and NEWSFLASH: I get extremely uncomfortable in pubs! I don’t really know what it is about them, it might be that I’d never really hung out in pubs in uni, or I find that people stare at me constantly (that could be me being paranoid), but I’m totally fine in bars and clubs…it makes no sense!

After overcoming what sounded like a ‘fear’ of ordering a drink (that’s the other thing, I NEVER know what to order), we made our way outdoors to join the others. From then on I think things went smoothly. I seemed to be making good conversation, I opened up a little bit more, and I managed to get some laughs…hopefully good ones!

My consultant asked me an interesting question… ‘How do you define old age?’

I did think about it, but unfortunately I feel the one drink I had may have gone straight to my head, and I answered ’35(!)’. Yes it was too late, I had already said it. Fortunately I received a rather friendly outburst of laughs from my consultant and the other junior doctors, so I just hoped my rather immature answer went down well.

This morning I asked my boyfriend what my consultant had asked me last night. We pondered about it for a bit, and we (mainly he) came up with this:

‘A person who hasn’t reached the goals they have set, at the age they set it’. (Subconsciously my answer was 35).

And that was it, the perfect answer to a big question.


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