Keep the momentum


Following a stressful few weeks, including some numerous night shifts and a bout of gastroenteritis, I must say it’s good to get back on track again. I feel like I lost myself a little bit, lost my bearings and almost lost my way. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I chose to blog, it keeps me on track with what I need to do, and more importantly, it makes me accountable for the things I do.

My boyfriend asked me a very interesting question a few days ago..

‘If you were told you had 10 years to live, what would you do?’

I thought hard about it, 10 years is a long time. You could get a fair amount of stuff done in 10 years. I think I responded by saying that I would ‘make a visit to countries across the world’.

And then he responded, ‘well why can’t you do that now?’

And then it dawned upon me, why the hell not? There isn’t really anything stopping me, if I really put my mind to it and if I keep focus. From now on, I will try extra hard to keep the momentum.


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