Summer breeze makes me feel fine

What better way to spend the hottest day of the year, in a September since 1911, than taking a trip down to central London. Following my last blog post, I decided to take the first step of connecting to my primal part…by going to the British Museum.

In just over one hour (which includes a 20 minute walk to the nearest tube station from home), I arrived at the museum, and almost instantly it took my breath away. Not just because of its beautiful architecture, but because of its abundance in ancient history. I had only been there once before on a school trip, when I was 10, a lot of which I unfortunately don’t remember. Maybe I didn’t appreciate it so much back then. I do however recall one memory, which was when I realised that I didn’t have enough money, to buy a mummy tin pencil case!

Wearing my mother’s summer dress which she had never wore before at my age, I felt like an explorer in the museum,  searching for answers, like Evelyn from the Mummy. I must have read every single description of the Egyptian remains displayed in the museum, taking as many pictures as my phone could hold, of artefacts and texts I want to remember and refer to. After a quick spot of lunch in the museum cafe, I retreated to the gift shops. I bought a Collins Gem book on ancient Egypt which cost less than a fiver, an Egyptian key ring for my keys, a pharaoh fridge magnet for my parents (they love collecting magnets) and a book for my boyfriend on Marcus Aurelius called Meditations…a book on my reading  list also. I even found on display the book I had bought a few weeks ago on Egyptian Hieroglyphs (!). I have now taken this as a sign also, that I must start reading this book, I must learn the language.

Having spent the majority of my afternoon in the museum, I decided to make my way to St James Park, to enjoy the late afternoon/evening sun. I walked across the park to find the perfect spot, to sit on the grass, listen to my music and read my book. I took great pleasure in knowing that this time was my own time, nobody could take it away from me and I could do what I want with it. I didn’t have to think about anything else other than what I was doing at that time. I could enjoy the simple things such as reading a book in the park and sipping on the orange calippo I had in my hand, which made it all the more sweeter!

I don’t really know how long I sat in the park for, and sometimes it’s nice not knowing ‘how much time you have left’. You can just enjoy your surroundings and feel it all around you. As I made my way back across the bridge, I stopped to admire what I saw ahead of me…

In the time I took this photo, I was listening to the song “Only He” a beautiful song by Andrew Lloyd Webber which was playing on my iPod shuffle. Feeling the music, breathing in the clean air and looking out into the river, I realised that I may not get this moment ever again. So I relished it. I stood upon the bridge, looked all around me, smiled to myself and felt the summer breeze.


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