You have your job, and you have your work

Whilst I am at work, I am getting into the habit of saying to myself, ‘This is my job’. Notice how I say job, not work.

Why not work? Because in my mind this isn’t my work. There are elements of my job which I’d like to put into my work, but they’re not the same. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend provided me with some invaluable insight into what entrepreneur Seth Godin once said in his blog post, where it was actually titled “So busy doing my job, I can’t get any work done”. Here is an excerpt from his blog post I want to share with you…

Your job is an historical artifact. It’s a list of tasks, procedures, alliances, responsibilities, to-dos, meetings (mostly meetings) that were layered in, one at a time, day after day, for years. And your job is a great place to hide. Because, after all, if you’re doing your job, how can you fail? Get in trouble? Make a giant error?

The work, on the other hand, is the thing you do that creates value. This value you create, the thing you do like no one else can do, is the real reason we need you to be here…

When things get busy or stressful (sometimes unnecessarily), I find myself saying ‘This is my job, but I have a plan’. And what is my plan? Well you already know that, my plan is to organise a healthcare expedition to Uganda. This is what keeps me going. I have been in touch with the hospital I want to get involved with and have some ideas which I want to put into practice. That is my work.


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