Hi there! I’m Chitra and you’re officially reading my blog 🙂 I decided to take the step and write this blog, as a way of documenting my progress in some of the things I hope to achieve. Having just completed 6 months of A&E in Leeds, I want to now dedicate my time to doing the things I really want to do, something which is life-changing and fulfilling not just for myself, but more importantly for other people around the world.

I received a phone call from my boyfriend a few days ago, he had just finished a night shift and it went a little something like this…

‘I have an epiphany!’

‘What? What is it?’

‘Yep! I know now!’

‘Tell me what is it?!’

‘Why don’t you organise a healthcare expedition to Uganda?’

I pause for a second


‘Well why not? Tell me why you can’t do it?

You’re probably thinking why Uganda…well it all stemmed from my time in A&E. It unfortunately was one of those places I didn’t enjoy working in. The hours were long, the environment was hostile and I never had time to do my own thing. One day, I was asked to see a patient in resus, a patient presenting with shortness of breath on a background of COPD. Little did I know that when I walked into resus, it was a simulation exercise, with me managing a patient (played by a dummy) by myself, and a nurse by my side. I was surrounded by other senior doctors and observers, not really saying anything, just watching me go down.

Was I embarrassed? Well having never been in resus before, I’d say so! And that was it….sat in the middle of a circle of registrars and consultants going through this assessment in great detail, constantly saying ‘we’re only trying to help you!’, I graciously accepted their criticism and then thought to myself ‘I’m going to break free, I’m going to Uganda’.


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